Is Seo A Good Career?

Most people always tend to get to a situation where we are unsure what type of career we would like to pursue for ourselves. Selecting the right career depends upon the human nature, strength, weaknesses and what is the future of the career etc. With the rise of internet from the past few decades, many career related to internet have emerged, ranging from Information technology to SEO/Digital marketing. In this article we will discuss regarding SEO as a career and how much fruitful it can get.


Before discussing SEO as a career, I will just give a brief description of what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the process through which websites increase their traffic through search engines. Search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. have a mechanism through which websites are screened and rated accordingly. Higher the ranking of a website more chances it have to land on those early pages of organic keyword searches.

Seo As A Career

So SEO as a career refers to the people/organizations which help these websites achieve higher rankings and subsequently landing on early pages of the search engines. It is a complex task, sometimes backed up with harsh deadlines. A SEO career can involve from writing articles, web page optimization to link building etc. It is a type of career where the individual or organizations need to be updated on the internet marketing trends, search engine guidelines and updated with newer ways to achieve the desired results for their clients. It is a very evolving type of career, where you need to be innovative in order to compete and survive with competitors.

Seo Career- Pros And Cons

SEO can be a very good choice as a career. But it is important to keep in mind the pros and cons of every profession. And this can change with every individual. Every person has a distinct personality, that is why it is important to choose the right career which best suits you. Following are a few notable factors involving SEO as a career, which you should keep in mind:

Future Of Seo

The first thing which comes in to the mind regarding any career is its future. According to Wikipedia, Google handles more than 5.4 Billion searches each day. And we know how each website wants to land on top of the searches. As a SEO professional this indicates how many potential clients there can be out there. And we know in this age of digital marketing, these figures are likely to increase.

But at the same time you should also keep in mind the ever tightening Search engine guidelines for SEO professionals.

A Very Dynamic Career

As a SEO professional you are likely to adjust yourself in the ever changing SEO environment. Every now and then, you will find some newer methods floating in the SEO market. So you need to be updated on the current policies, trends, etc.


SEO professional can earn varying amounts. It depends upon a lot of factors, most importantly your reputation. According to, a SEO specialist earns $45,272 on average.


If you always thought you were a genius and can come up with innovative ways, here is your chance. As a SEO professional you can always try and test newer ways, without the fear of any negative outcome (as long as they are within the parameters described by search engines). Implementing and testing new ideas is important to be competitive with your rivals.

Unreasonable Clients

Get ready to face clients with unreasonable expectations. SEO can be a very slow and detailed process, but every now and then you are likely to face clients demanding overnight changes.

Maintaining The Work/Life Balance

This is where SEO as a profession can hurt you the most. It is a very demanding profession with strict deadlines to work on. You need to be ready and available for work from everywhere and every time. If you dont like challenges and maintain a healthy relationship between work and life, SEO profession can prove very difficult for you.