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ITU translation agency is your one stop shop for all translation needs. We have the cultural expertise to get the message across for your business.
ITU Services was founded with the express purpose of becoming an industry leader in the provision of language services. This we have achieved by providing, professional, affordable, and accurate translations to our clients all around the world. Our core belief is that the quality of our solutions is only as good as the quality of our translators. Because of this we implement a rigorous assessment and recruitment program to ensure that we exclusively work with the most experienced and qualified linguists from around the world.

ITU translations found that to provide the most reliable service to our clients, we had to create the perfect blend of modern technology and human talent. While machine translation services are becoming increasingly accurate, they have failed time and time again to be as accurate as our team of experts. Having said that our team does use some tools to speed up their work to ensure our clients receive their solutions as quickly as possible. Our unique approach has meant many companies have approached us to help with their human resource, financial, medical and translations, as well as much more.
ITU continues to work on financial translation projects with financial consultancies, investment and retail banks, auditors, and insurance companies. Because of the secure nature of this work, all our employees are completely vetted and exclusively use the most secure software for each step of the process. Our team of experts acknowledge the need for accuracy in all financial translations. This type of accuracy is generally only acquired from working in the industry. We only recruit translators who are comfortable working with the regulations and laws that govern financial markets. At ITU translations we take care of the whole project at affordable translation rates.

The role that Medical Translations play in the global health care industry is vast. At ITU services we have invested heavily in employing translators who can professionally translate at an ATA certified level in over 150 languages. Most of our healthcare team has previous experience working within the industry. They possess a specialized knowledge of the disciplines of the pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare sectors. Our linguists have an intimate knowledge of the language used in these industries and can comfortably use the language needed to comply with the strict regulatory and compliance standard.

Globalization requires Localization and has provided companies with the opportunity to employ the most talented individuals in their given fields, from across the globe. As beneficial as this is, it does develop enormously diverse workforce. This diversity has produced an increase in the need for experts in the field of HR translations. Specialists who can support HR departments manage these diverse talent pools. Our team of HR specialists are only too happy to help you bridge linguistic and cultural gaps to help source recruit and retain the most talented and valuable employees for your business. ITU localization projects are handled by cultural experts and team of ITU consultants.

As proud ATA members we ensure that all our translators provide work that will pass even the most stringent of standards. We can also provide fully certified work should your company require it. If you have any questions or queries about our Medical, Financial or HR translations services please do not hesitate to contact us.

ITU translation services your one stop shop language solutions.

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