How Effective Is Audio Marketing?

Audio marketing is no longer just about radio ads, which was a part of traditional marketing. Audio marketing is now a part of digital marketing, and not just podcast, but as a tool of marketing which can be used to attract customers.

Voice Search Optimization

When customers wear wireless headphones and they want to search for something, they use voice search. If companies havent caught up with this trend yet, then they are wasting a huge opportunity. Just like companies focus on search engine optimization, they should focus on voice search optimization click here as well. Apart from using keywords for VSO, they should focus on conversational queries too; when people type a phrase in their search engines, it is different from how they search it by using voice.


The benefit of podcasting is that, customers can access them anywhere. Whether they are exercising, running or waiting for a subway, they can listen to a podcast. A podcast can discuss different things like, the features of a product or service, the experience of customers related to a product or service and why should the audience listening to the podcast buy what is being recommended.

Proper Voice For Videos

If a person is watching a video, and the background voice is too loud, or the speakers voice is too low, then that would impact the user experience. The audio of videos should be perfect; it should be balanced and must give the user a good experience. They shouldnt have to increase the voice or lower it down after every few seconds. The speakers voice should be calm and collected, clear and understandable.

Spotify Ads

Spotify ads is a new and effective thing; people buy and hear music on Spotify and it is a great medium to reach people and make them aware about a companys products and services. The people who stream music on Spotify, they are from different age groups and geographical locations. It helps brands recognize whether they will be able to reach their target audience through the music app or not.

When a brand creates a message, they submit it to Spotify, and the app can make the message sing; they will record a voice-over and mix it will appropriate music. The brand can set their budget, decide their campaign dates and then issue the ad on Spotify.

Audio Books

There are audio book apps that are used by people, because they like hearing stories, things about current affairs and everything that can be said in audio books. This can be a really good marketing tool for companies, who want to increase awareness of their products and services, for their customers, but want the information to be detailed.

This can be a helpful tool for writers, who, after publishing a book, would want to release an audio book as well. Audio books can be particularly helpful to those who are blind. Moreover, through an audio book, the speaker could convey emotions that people cant feel through words.