Things You Dont Know About Seo

SEO is based on the use of keywords wisely with the help of some other techniques to shoot up the rank of a website. It is being adopted by almost every new business which is entering the SEO community. Nowadays, many professionals and marketers are claiming to help your business and make it easier for you to get your targeted profits. Hiring an expert can be expensive as most of them charge up to $200 each hour. Some even make it a compulsion for you to sign a contract so that they can raise their fees whenever they want. If you are unlucky, you might trap yourself in the hands of an unprofessional SEO expert who makes your website lose all the traffic using some shady tricks.

For any person who is new to this business should understand what type of consultant should be hired or when they should be fired. They are the ones you need when you are on the verge of starting your work with no experience. Beware of the scams in the industry, though, if you want to succeed. Here are some of the things you dont know about SEO discuss.

Size up keyword quality

The best method is to use Google’s Adwords Keyword tool. This tool will help you know how much a keyword or phrase is searched online in a month. If a specific keyword has been searched for about 50,000 times in a month, it would be impossible for you to get Google’s attention. For this very reason, Adwords can provide you with a lot of options for your keyword selection process. It will scan your site and offer you some relevant and informative keywords which have not been used before and help your website rank better than before.

Relevant titles of the pages

When you are done with adding proper keywords, you should start filling up the title of your pages correctly, especially the Meta information. Google is not fond of such a website that has stuffed keywords as it’s considered a spam. The few lines which are mentioned on the top of your page are considered the most important for gaining attention in the search results.

Getting links

Google will become your fan if you have some if a bunch of popular websites are happy to link with your content. Getting some links may be a hard task as it requires a lot of time investment to be able to contact the right publications who are there to help you. You have to convince them that you have something cool to offer.

Quick start SEO

The wisest approach is to think of search engines as customers, every page of the site as a gift box. Your users will be anxious to know what’s inside the box. Google will provide you with some detailed information in the SEO guide; you can also use webmaster central for further details. Some quick tips are given below:

Find it

Your website and the pages in it have a specific address or URL.Try to keep the address as short as possible. It will be even better if you don’t use any punctuation marks, underscores, or equal signs.

Flatten it

You should link all pages with one another in a proper way.

Name it

Never ignore the name or title of your page. Keep the titles catchy and attractive.

Explain it

While giving a description, write useful sentences for your content so that it becomes easier for the users to understand.

Map it

You should add an XML site map. It will guide your users with everything about your site, hoping to give them a better online experience.

Tag it

You should headline tags for every article properly. Otherwise, Google and people alike won’t be able to understand your site.

The optimal optimizer

If you have made up your mind that you won’t be able to optimize your website on your own, then the best way is to hire a professional for it. Keep this in mind before signing a contract with anyone:

You should get some information about their past work and know about their name and contact properly.

You should know how much period they will be able to bring good results or what is their actual game plan for getting the required profits for you and your website.

Try to ask about how much experience they have in this field and be sure that they don’t use any shady techniques for your business.