Mold Removal – What To Expect

Mold is a type of fungus that can spread across walls and floors, along damp surfaces, and even in the air. Mold is a very common issue in both old and new houses and apartments, and particularly in damp or humid rooms such as bathrooms (mold loves the wet!). However, the effects of mold on your home and on your own health can be severe. Thus, as soon as you notice any mold in your home, it is important to have it treated.

Why is mold remediation so crucial for keeping your house safe?

As it grows, mold can damage paint work and plastering. In severe cases it can eat into wood and cause shelves to come crashing down to the ground. If mold gets into your roof, the beams may become unsafe, threatening the structural stability of your living space.

In addition to this, mold is very unsightly! Nobody wants to have their pristine white ceramic tiles splattered with black mold spores. So, to protect your home both structurally and esthetically, timely mold removal is a very smart choice.

Mold and your health

As mold spores can travel in the air (in fact, this is how they spread so swiftly through your home), they are very likely to enter your lungs. Mold spores contain mycotoxins which can cause respiratory illnesses, and issues such as itchy eyes. If you are allergic to mold you will have further symptoms caused by your allergy such as fatigue, itchy skin, a blocked nose, difficulty breathing and headaches.

Mold thrives in the damp, and it also encourages humidity to build up. The dark, damp spots created by outgrowths of mold provide the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and also for larger pests such as arthropods (cockroaches, for example) and flies. In short, as well as causing its own health problems, mold can provide the foundation for further infections and infestations! It’s nasty stuff!

Mold removal is simple

You can contribute to the upkeep of your home by sponging away patches of mold as soon as they appear with a specialty mold killer (or, failing that, some diluted bleach, as long as it has no adverse effects on the surface you are treating). Make sure to keep your home well ventilated: this will keep the rooms dry and it will also stop stale air filled with mold spores from getting trapped in them.

Practice good hygiene and do not leave old food lying around: throw it straight in the trash can. Air your linen often and wash the walls of your home once a fortnight or so. Mold spores can lie dormant in walls and timber for years, just waiting for the air to become muggy and humid enough for them to spring into life. An environment that is made for mold will be healthy for humans!

If you have a bigger problem with mold, then it is highly advizable to call in some professional mold removal services as soon as possible. They will be able to stamp out that mold outbreak for good.

Do not suffer in silence if you are afflicted by mold – mold remediation is the answer! Vist