6 Features Of Sign Spinner Marketing Good Enough To Steal Your Next Advertising Campaigns

There’s a reason why we often come across human billboards or sign spinners while travelling down the streets at random hours and different locations. Such advertising catches people’s eyes in a unique way and makes them experience a certain curiosity about the offers that are being showcased. No matter what are your products or services, here are 6 features that prove sign spinner marketing is good enough to steal your next advertising campaigns.

Integrating Movement With Advertisement

Traditional static ads can never catch the attention of the people as good as a human can, specially if they perform great moves with the signs. Integrating motion with advertisement is what attracts the masses to your advertisements, compelling them to actually visit your store, events or showrooms. The exposure can be easily converted into sales by going for arrow shapes signs that can help people know your exact location.

Varied Strategies

Right from the way your signage looks to the unique manner of communicating with the people, sign spinners follow a variety of strategies to get things going in your favor. They make sure they satisfy the queries and requirements of each of the potential clients and present your brand in an engaging manner.

Sense of Urgency

Sign spinners or human billboards create a strong impact on the people’s mind when they are just ready to make a purchase. What the spinner does is build a sense of urgency in the people regarding buying something that can prove to be beneficial for them. For example, someone is passing by a costume store during Halloween, the spinner will make them realize how amazing your offer can be, while mentioning that it’s a limited period scheme.

Focus on Foot Traffic

Whether it’s mails, pamphlets, brochures, newspaper ads or television commercials, all of them focus on people who are sitting at home. Putting the ads to effective use requires a person to leave their homes and head to a showroom, or store, or any kind of business premises that’s being advertised of. Whereas, sign spinner marketing focuses on people who are already close to your premises of work and help you generate more foot traffic.

Surprisingly Cheap

When all the above benefits of sign spinner advertising are accompanied by the cheap costs they come from, the efficiency reaches new heights altogether. In fact, sign spinning comes for about one-fifth of the total amount you would spend on promoting your brand through other forms of advertising, such as television ads or large-scale print media.