Top Seven Skills A Digital Marketer Needs

Digital marketing doesnt only mean sitting beside a computer, making ads directed towards different audiences and handling social media account; it is much more than that. Digital marketers have a diverse range of functions, and in order to accomplish objectives on time, and smoothly, they need to have a specific skill set.

Expertise In Social Media

If a company is hiring a digital marketer, then they would require the candidate to have knowledge about paid advertising on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. The candidate should have the skill to understand Facebook analytics, and have an insight about how audiences are target using custom ads, how does experimentation takes place on social media and how it works. Advertising on social media saves companies a lot of their budget, which is why they would look for social media skills in a candidate The Balance Careers.

Selling Skills

Every candidate who applies for the position of a digital marketer should have sales skills. They should be able to sell a product or service to a customer, by engaging with them. Digital marketers who know how to turn an engagement into a sales opportunity, would be preferred by companies. If a digital marketer doesnt have the skill to sell things to people, whether they need it or not, then that would be wasting companys resources and time Digital Doughnut Experts for SEO Digital Marketing.

Data Analysis

Thing can go wrong if digital marketers send the wrong message, using the wrong platform, to their target audience. Data analytic stools are available to companies, and through these tools, digital marketers try to understand customers, and which message would be more effective on them.

The data that are required for analysis includes the transactions that people do online, the content they consume, the products or services they search for on the internet, and their online footprint. If a digital marketer has access to consumer data, but doesnt know how to analyze that data, or even use it, then he is wasting a valuable resource Digital Marketing Institute.

Video Marketing Skills

A digital marketer should have video marketing skills. He should know how to make videos, which would go instantly viral. The videos are very much in demand nowadays, and they have a powerful to capture the attention of the audience, and deliver a strong message. Every good company uses videos to their advantage, and places their products in those videos in a way, that it contributes towards their brand positioning strategy.

Before making a video, a digital marketer should always review the content of the video and the message that he is trying to deliver through it. This is because, nowadays, most videos that go viral, offend some customers; a digital marketer should have the skill to deliver the values that a company stands for, to customers.

Writing Skills

The reason why writing skills are important for a digital marketer is because content marketing is an integral part of digital marketing. Every digital marketer should know how to write articles, how to write SEO friendly content, and how to engage the target audience through writing. Writing takes up different forms like articles, blogs, e-books and white papers. If the digital marketer doesnt know how to customize content for each platform, then he wont be helpful for a company, to promote its products and services.

Persuasive Skills

A digital marketer should have the skill to persuade people, to buy the products and services of the company that he represents Mashable. He should be able to persuade people that they need the product or service sold by a brand. However, a digital marketer should be able to differentiate between persuasion and harassment. Often, marketers call customers over and over, or email them and even send them instant messages, promoting a product. This type of tactic can irritate customers, and they would not receive calls from a specific brands marketing department again Skill Crush.

Listening Skills

When companies hire digital marketers, they expect them to have good listening skills. When digital marketers get feedback from customers, it is not always through the written medium. Sometimes, customers may call and record their feedback, both positive and negative, and it is the responsibility of the digital marketer to listen to that feedback. This way, he would be able to understand customer problems more, and would target them accordingly.

A digital marketer should have the patience to handle things, because digital marketing can become stressful and challenges in situations.