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Apostille Services offer translation services in world languages as well as court interpretation. You can contact us for court interpreting and translation services in almost all the world’s languages. Written translation includes two types: translations approved by a certified court interpreter and foreign expert translations that do not require a court interpreter seal. Court interpreter translations are official translations by a person who has complete command of the legal material of a language and has been approved by the competent authorities. We are USCIS certified translations agency. We cover everything related to Texas immigration. With the signature and seal of our court interpreters, it will be confirmed that the translated document is true to the original, i.e. identical to the original. If you need court interpretation, it is necessary to provide us with the original documents or a copy thereof.

The goals of ITU translation agency

Each of our court interpreters and court translators has a college degree, and they have taken numerous exams to prove their language skills as well as knowledge of legal terminology. The goal of our Apostille Services, which offers all people in San Antonio translation, is to make the services we offer professional so that people and companies from the whole world can successfully enter the market and start their businesses.
We help people whose language skills can be a barrier to investment and doing business in Texas. We are sure that if you choose us, you will become one of our regular clients. If you need quality court interpretation and translation, you have come to the right place.
Our agency deals with literary, technical, medical, business translations, and much more – we have a tremendous experience during which we have done over 1,000,000 different translations. Translation certified by a court interpreter is always necessary when it comes to official documents.
The documents that most often require the certification of a court interpreter are diplomas, contracts, certificates, decisions, powers of attorney, citizenship, and the like. Apostille Services aims to become synonymous with obligingness, precision, and quality.

What are the benefits of using a translation agency?

You can also find a freelancer and accountable translator who can handle whatever you need. But certified and professional agencies are a much better option – especially if legal documents are in question that requires certification. Our translation agency works to the highest standards. Protecting your documents is a top priority right next to the quality of service. The agency will never forward your documents to the third party, it will always meet all deadlines, and the translation will be true to the original.

Why hire an Apostille Services Translation Agency?

Quality and guarantee! We have many experienced translators who have been tested and produce great results every time. Results will be above your expectations. We exactly know which translator will be best suited to your topic to provide you with the most quality service.
It is also an added benefit that we offer more services than translation itself, such as proofreading, editing, etc…
We are proud to say that we have a BBB A+ rating.

ITU translation services your one stop shop language solutions.

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