How To Get Offline Marketing Clients Effective Strategies

Efforts focused on client expansion should not be spent only on finding and refining Internet marketing strategies. Offline approaches to increasing a clientele base can rival even the best online marketing techniques that have been developed and used and even online strategies have limits.

Take the case of Americans who dont use the Internet in their transactions. This is a huge market comprising 30% of all US residents. With such a large untapped audience waiting for you, its time to overhaul your campaign. Take a look at these effective offline marketing strategies.

Establish customer loyalty.

By building customer loyalty, you can not only increase sales and improve reputation, but you can also gain stability. If you cant make your customers come back for a repeat purchase, then you have a problem in this area of your business.

Whats the solution, then? Give value. Customers like receiving value from companies they deal with and like to be treated in such a way that they feel very important. So, give value. But how?

Offer them discounts. For example, you can give a 10% discount on purchases valued at $100 or more. Next, engage your customers in a referral program, through which they can receive free items from your store.

There are many other ways to offer value to your clients, but make sure they can make a positive impact on their lives and are better in comparison to what competitors offer.

Offer your space.

Look around you. See if theres anything you have that you can use for your promotions without having to spend money. Offer to act as a host to start-up meetings in your business space for free. For being kind and accommodating, youll get clients who might even do social networking shout-outs for you.

This technique will cost you nothing but a small amount of your time, and the use of your business space.

Use direct mail marketing

Direct mail campaigns cant be ignored as one effective way of making people notice you and your offerings. The thing is, people arent glued to the Internet all the time and there are those who take the time reading whats getting into their mailbox.

Heres the nice part. Direct mail allows you to send the same catalog, or letter, or postcard to all the target customers listed in your database. If that can mean a lower marketing cost for you, the better that you use this approach.

Improve your offline visibility

Being visible is another key to improving the chances of getting clients. Be at the right places at the right time. Be there at conferences, seminars, and start-up meetings, and hand out your business cards to people you meet.

Experts agree that making sales require being seen (this applies to both you and your products) and also being heard. Make sure that you do the talking whenever you can.

The bottom line is to let people hear you talk about your offers. By being seen and heard, you give your audience a chance to know that you exist and an option to respond to your call.