Why Do You Need Seo And Digital Marketing In 2018

In the last couple of years conventional business marketing strategies nave been completely changed thanks to SEO and Digital marketing. Now that the majority of people are using technology such as phones, tablets, desktops and even voice searches such as Alexa, companies have had to start taking digital marketing seriously. Today getting your website onto page one of the search engine results page is as much a necessity now a having your Ad in the Yellow Pages was years ago. Whether you are a startup or an established company, if your website is not on page one for the products/services your customers are looking for then you are giving money to your competitors. Below I have outlined some of the reasons I believe you need to have a solid Digital marketing and SEO strategy in 2018.

It Will Improve Your Brands Image

Digital media strategies are helping businesses of all sizes to develop their brand name and values. Just like the old brick and mortar business and online business needs traffic to come to it. By utilising good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques it will make your website not only easy to find but also user-friendly and informative. This will help your customers post good reviews and feedback about their purchase. Positive reviews helps your brand grow stronger.

Customer Engagement

If your business is not on social media then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers and branding power. When you make engaging posts your customers will share these with their friends, who share them with their friends expanding your reach and brand name further out into the market. A lot of companies will run various ad campaigns and competitions on the various social media platforms to reach more of their target market. People love to ‘Like, Share and Comment’ on interesting or funny articles and it can spread your brand like wildfire.

Have A Stronger Marketing Plan

Traditional styles of marketing had limited scope for a business to be able to know or monitor their competitors’ goals and strategies. But due to the large amount of data that is being shared digitally every day, companies can now track what their competitors are up to as well. You can get information about new products, discounts, offers and even the type of advertising they are using.

It has also levelled the playing fields for the smaller businesses. Previously you would have to have a huge marketing budget for your advert to reach millions of consumers, but now for a few pounds you can reach thousands of targeted potential customers on social media.

Many Ways To Advertise To Millions

Digital marketing is a large and vast concept to understand. It covers a broad spectrum of related techniques such as SEO, SMM, online video marketing, pay per click advertising, and many more. While SEO strategies will make your site be found when a customer searches for your product or service, SMM improves the social engagement of your company with your customers. Display or online video advertising can be used to entertain as well inform your customers. To get the most benefit from digital marketing a company needs to develop a strategy that utilises each form, putting more emphasis on some aspects depending on where the majority of their customers are.

Digital marketing will take care of and improve the digital presence of your company. But to do it correctly takes time and it needs a good digital marketing expert to handle all of the entities of the marketing carefully. With a strong plan and good procedures your company can climb to page one on the search engine results.