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Jet Lag Formula

Jet Lag: A Complex Problem

When you fly long distances your body is forced to deal with much more than simple time zone changes. You’re also exposed to stale, dry air, airborne pathogens, low levels of cosmic radiation, and changes in cabin pressure. Add to that the stress and anxiety of hectic travel schedules and it’s no wonder you feel so bad when you arrive.

Comprehensive Travel Protection

Instead of using a patchwork of sleep-aids, alcohol, melatonin supplements, and ineffective jet lag remedies, why not use one comprehensive product that does it all? Jet Lag Formula was designed to protect you from all that air travel can throw at you.

Here’s How It Works:

Jet Lag Causes Symptoms FlyRight Protective Ingredients
Dry, recycled cabin air Dehydration, headache, sore throat Wild Oats, Solomon’s Seal, Feverfew
Cabin air pressure Swelling & fatigue Hawthorn, Eleuthero
Constricted seats Lethargy & poor circulation Ginkgo, Hawthorn
Gamma Radiation/ High-altitude exposure Suppressed immune system/ Lack of mental clarity Reishi, Ginkgo, Eleuthero, Periwinkle
Time-zone changes/ Disrupted circadian rhythm Sleeplessness and/or fatigue Linden
Demanding travel agenda Stress & anxiety Gotu Kola, Periwinkle, Wild Oats
Airborne pathogens Colds & flus Solomon’s seal, Eleuthero, Feverfew

All Natural and Stimulant Free

Walk the aisles of your local drugstore and you’ll see that there is no shortage of products that claim to ease the symptoms of jet lag. Unfortunately, many products contain stimulants and other unnatural ingredients that energize the body temporarily, but take a huge toll on productivity a few hours later. That’s why we created Jet Lag Formula- an all natural, stimulant-free, herbal extract made with organic and wildharvested herbs, uniquely formulated to protect your body from every aspect of modern-day air travel.

Try some today and find out why travelers are “evangelical about FlyRight” and “won’t fly without it!”