Offline Marketing Strategies That Are Good For Your Online Brand

Who says offline marketing strategies cannot work and complement online marketing? Contrary to popular (and usually wrong) belief, traditional marketing can work for online brands, too. There are types of offline marketing that can support your online brand, and they are proven effective as well.

One of these strategies is networking. This is still valuable in the industry because it makes you connect to your clients face-to-face. You can represent your brand live and tell potential clients why you are working for the company.

Networking has several phases: the meet up phase, where you will slowly build rapport with your clients; the discussion phase, where you start explaining the brand and the company; the testimonial phase, where you show samples of testimonials from people who have benefitted from the company or the product; and the call-to-action phase, where you encourage the clients to buy or join the network.

Another effective strategy is to have a speaking engagement. Like networking, you represent your company and you have the chance to entice your market with the benefits of your product or service. In a speaking engagement, you have to be ready with your promotional tools. This is the perfect opportunity to show clients that you have proof of your companys credibility.

You may also use printed materials for the same purpose. There are lots of spaces in magazines, flyers, brochures, and newsletters. If you have a blog, you can widen your market reach if you talk about your blog in a magazine.

Another option is to market via direct mail. This may be more expensive than online marketing, but its nevertheless effective. You can generate leads, encourage call-to-action, and entice clients to purchase more products with direct mail. This way, you dont spam their inboxes and the mails become more personalized. Direct mail is still one of the most common offline marketing strategies today.

Should your clients dislike receiving snail mail, then you can try using cold calls. Contrary to its name, cold calls arent cold they give a personal touch to buyers who want to know more about your brand. Just be considerate regarding the time and day that you call your client. When you do make the call, you should be ready with your fast facts and your spiel.

You may also do print advertising. You can run print ads on newspapers and posters. These are engaging because they are seen everywhere. Just make sure you post them strategically.

Lastly, you can try trade shows and associations. Either way, youll meet prospective clients. For trade shows, at least, you can do a combination of speaking engagements, networking, and passing around flyers.

The best thing about trade shows is the ready audience, as the latter would expect a lot of marketing strategies in these events. You, on the other hand, should engage your target market to make them buy your product.