Importance Of Blogging In Seo

SEO professionals always look to find newer ways to promote the ranking of websites. The importance of any SEO process is directly related to the impact it creates on Search Engines ranking factor. But there are certain processes like Blogging, which is not directly considered to impact SEO ranking, but is a mean to promote and help other factors that have a direct impact on SEO such as, keywords, updated and quality content, user experience, etc.

Blogging is now considered a helpful and important tool for an effective SEO campaign. Following are some points which will highlight the importance of Blogging, for SEO purpose

Helping with fresh and updated content

We know how important it is to have fresh and updated content for SEO campaign. It is something that directly affects your SEO ranking. People use search engines like Google and Yahoo, to get the most relevant and updated answer to their queries and keywords. So its obvious, the search engines prioritize websites which are filled with more and more updated and relevant information on the topic.

Blogging can help you maintain that freshness and relevancy regarding the keywords. It is quiet unnatural to update your homepage on daily or weekly basis, but if you have a blog, you can post updates on regular basis. This will help your website gain more attention from search engines. Make sure you post regularly and quality content. Hiring a blogger isnt a bad idea if you are unable to maintain your blog on your own.

It helps with your Keywords

Keywords are the basic ingredient in the SEO. Anything that helps justify the use of keywords naturally on your website is always a key part in SEO campaign. And blogging is considered an effective method to use your keywords naturally and also helps in targeting long-tail keywords.

General searches can be too competitive for many, so its better to target some long-tail keywords as well. Long-tail keyword is used in more detail oriented searches, by users. And targeting those keywords is an effective SEO campaign. You can use your blogs to attract those searches towards your website.

Great in boosting your important pages

As we have discussed that general searches can be very competitive, so you can use your blogs to attract visitors using long-tail keywords. Then link your blogs to the pages which you want your customers to see. Your important pages can consist of products you want to sell, but at the same time, they can be too competitive and generic in terms of keyword to gain the attention of search engines.

It should not be overdone rather be natural, keeping in mind your audience. Your blogs should be written in a manner that mentioning your important pages should be necessary rather doing it forcefully or stuffing your blogs with links to your important pages.

Apart from adding internal links to your main page, blogging will also give you more opportunity on increasing internal links.

A source to find Inbound links

Inbound links (links pointing to your pages from other websites) are considered to be the most powerful tool in SEO ranking process. Having quality inbound links create a huge impact on your SEO ranking, as it is a vote of confidence for your website by other relevant websites.

If your blog is well maintained with high quality and updated posts. You will create more opportunity for other websites to refer their visitors to your pages. It is very important that you should focus on quality of inbound links. For well-reputed or leading websites to link your page, you should have content matching the standards.

Connecting with your audience

A regularly updated and informative blog helps you to connect with your audience. It helps you build a great user experience for visitors. If they like your content they are likely to share it more, which will help in increasing the overall traffic of your website. A quality blog helps create loyal and returning visitors. This will have a positive factor in your ranking process.

Apart from your SEO process, it is something which benefits the image of your overall business. Making loyal customers is important part of every business; through blogging you can achieve that goal with regular posting on your website.


As we have gone through how blogging helps the factors affecting your SEO campaign, it has undoubtedly become an essential part of SEO. It is important that you should include blogging in your overall SEO strategy. If you feel you are unable to maintain a blog, you can always hire a professional blogger.